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scro555 05-23-2018 04:09 PM

help 01 mazda ready 12 different codes
I have a 01 millennia that was given to me a few months ago. always took care of it didn't drive it much cause I love my truck but was out the other day and it got hot and smoked and wont wont start all though no visible problems. Pocket scanner read...

COMP Can all these be the result of one main issue? I don't know where to start.

skyjockey70 05-23-2018 09:02 PM

scro555... Hi and welcome to the forums.

First off is this a Miller 2.3 engine (which I own 3 of) or the 2.5 engine?

Did it stall while driving it and would not restart?

I am guessing from the data that you shared from "pocket scanner" that you do not have any DTC Pxxxx #'s stored in the car's computer?? Is that what "MILL OFF" means? In other words you do not have the 'check engine light' or MIL illuminated??

I noticed that it shows 5 incomplete monitors not set. Did you recently erase a DTC/check engine code or did you disconnect the battery recently. That is the only way that I know of that the I/M monitors would show incomplete because it is waiting to build enough drive cycles/miles since the last reset of the computer.

What is known about the car's history?

Share a little bit more and I will help as best I can.


paul8f 05-24-2018 10:36 PM

I'm with Ted on this one.... You haven't listed any error codes (e.g. P0300 would be an 'engine misfire').

You probably have a cheap OBD-2 scan tool. When it comes to the Check Engine codes, beware that some are generic while some are Mazda specific. A quick google of the code with your car model will point you in the right direction.

If the engine overheated you could have warped the head. Check the vitals such as oil level, coolant level and battery charge before you do anything.

Best of luck with the fault-finding.

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