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[email protected] 10-18-2018 09:24 PM

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I’m to old and tired and need something easier to get in and out of and something that is much less fiddling to keep running. My 2001 S has actually only got approx 90k miles on it. It was my Mom’s who barely drove it. I got it in 2009 with 45k miles on it. Due to lack of use the SC had to be replaced at 50k as the bearings had developed rust. It was replaced by the dealer with a new unit. My daughter drove it for about 30k miles until she bumped the rear of an unmarked police car (really). This cracked up the grill and left headlight and caused an exhaust leak (rear manifold cat cracked at weld) so it sat for about 3+ years while I fought over whether to keep it. In the past year I finally found a new rear manifold/cat from a Canadian outfit (custom made with stainless steel) which I also ported out for better flow. I had this installed, 4 new O2 sensors, a new alternator, belts, radiator, hoses and replaced most of the vacuum lines with new silicone tubing. I replaced the grill and headlight and installed LED lamps in the headlights and interior. Bose died so I installed a Boss headunit driving the Bose amp and speakers. Front speakers are now dying. The car has been running great except for one O2 sensor (bank1 top) that has been bad since I replaced them all. Now the manifold gasket (cheap aftermarket) on the new manifold has started to leak and I just don’t have the time or energy to keep working on it. I need to make some photos if anyone is really interested in it. It is a great car and could be a daily driver with an O2 sensor and a gasket fix.
So the million dollar question is if anyone is interested in this car. It’s in Birmingham Al and I have no way to deliver it. It is perfectly drivable except for the exhaust leak. Tires are great, brakes great, shocks/struts replaced around 40k. I’m just to old and broken to take care of her anymore. 😉. Anyone?
I hate to let her go with only 90333 original miles, but unless someone here is interested, I about to see it Drivers Way will give me a few bucks for her and call it done! If you are interested at all speak now or ....... She is running like a top except for bank1 sensor 1 throwing a code about once a week P1170 O2 Sensor inversion. Gaphing the voltage with ODBII shows this sensor sits a 0 volts most of the time so a new sensor should clear it up. Lots of fresh parts and very low miles 😉

[email protected] 10-22-2018 11:38 PM

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Photos are always better 😉

skyjockey70 10-28-2018 10:54 PM

Hey [email protected]

What a nice lookin’ Milly’ .. have you found a taker for her yet? .. since it’s been about a week..

I’m currently trying to find where the output shaft speed sensor is located on the tranny so I can slap on the new one I purchased and hopefully extinguish the MIL/CEL to get the car (a 2001 like yours) re-inspected and legal again in PA.

If you happen to know the location of that sensor, b4 I track it down, that’d be great.

And while I should be getting out of the crazy Milly biz, like yourself.. ( I have 3)..I am at least half tempted to give your Milly a new home.... it’s an obsession.. and a very Crazy one


[email protected] 11-03-2018 01:55 AM

I am so sorry to have not responded! I actually had sat down and written a long winded reply but apparently managed to drop it imto a black hole ( more likely got interrupted and never actually posted it!
As for the speed sensor, that is one I havent had to locate yet though I would expect it is probably hanging out on the transaxle somewhere and probably in a spot that required dislocating your elbow and writs to reach it ;-)!
I sure wish you were closer to Alabama! You know you need a fourth Millie!�� It is certainly an obsession that frequently makes you question your own sanity ;-), but aside from not being super quiet in the cab, they are guite a nice highway car. Not long after I had brought her back from becoming yard art, I was making a run down I65 and was already a bit late. She was just purring so nicely that I thought I would see whether she would get close to the reported top end when new. I was cruising at about 80 and just punched it to the floor. In what felt lile seconds I looked down to see she was at 135 and still pulling. Though the ride felt good, hugging the road not even a hint of getting loose etc., I held up at 135 for about 15-20 minutes before regaining some bit of sanity and dropping back to 75-80. I had forgotten just how quickly people move over when they see a bullet approaching ��. She is still running just as well and if it werent for the stinking manifold gasket, I would likely have kept driving the car! It is killing me to just throw her out. With everything I did recently, the dealer installed replacement blower only about 20k back and only 90k miles, there is a lot of meat still on the bone!
Driver's Way offered me a whopping $900 for the car, but you know they would probably scrapped her. It's not the money, heck I will accept any reasonable offer (read that as not much) just to know that someone is going to keep her running or even use her as the donor for a heart transplant. I could honestly make more if I made the effort and took the time to part her out, but like I said, I am old and tired and have already bought a nice 4Runner that I can get in and out of so much more easily ��
If you feel like making a road trip, come on. I'll buy you a beer and hand you some keys! ��
Thanks for looking! Not sure how much longer I will keep her in the driveway but she's still hanging around for now.

;-) PapaPhred

[email protected] 11-03-2018 02:10 AM

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BTW, here are a couple of pics of the new rear manifold I found for$200 with CAT. One show some porting I did to smooth the transition from the manifold into the outlet pipe and the other shows it with the OEM heat shield installed (figured it was a good idea especially on the firewall side.
I found thos on eBay from a seller in Canada and was very happy with the quality. I bought a returned a couple of others before I found this. One was described as stainless steel but when it arrived it was clearly just painted with silver paint!
The surfaces were good and flat and the current gasket leak is due to a "buddy" install that not only didn't torque the manifold bolts, but didn't even tighten them uniformly. Definitely not due to the manifold.
If anyone needs something like this, let me know and I will dig up the eBay sellers name for you. Sure beats the dealer +$800 for the same manifold ;-)

skyjockey70 11-27-2018 02:03 AM


I’m guessing you sent your Millie off to the boneyard/driver’s way?!?


[email protected] 11-27-2018 01:35 PM

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Actually I didn’t have the heart to let it go to the boneyard!
Drivers way pulled the car fax on it and due to the way they report ownership, they declared it a 3 owner car! 1 being the original lease, 2 being when we bought it at the end of the lease and 3 being when I changed the tag from Mom to me. They also reported my daughter’s “collision” as “major damage air bags not deployed”! First I’m not sure how that is possible unless the airbags are disconnected, second the “collision” was her bumping the back of a Crown Vic whose rear bumper was the perfect height to land squarely in the headlight and grill which I replaced. I replaced those and with my hands straightened the sheetmetal where the hood latches mount. It has not been to a body shop or painted since this and the pics I posted clearly show the front end 😉. Major damage? Then to really top things off, Express Oil somehow managed to record someone else’s mileage at last oil change suggesting that the mileage was greater than it is! So Dri/Way offered me a whopping $900 for it! And I doubt they would do anything but scrap it. There’s way to much meat left on the bone to toss this car to the boneyard. 😉
She needs a good home though. Yesterday I went out and fired her up and drove around to warm up before sticking her back in the driveway. She ran great and didn’t even throw a code for the flaky O2 sensor which would usually come up about every 4-5 days when being driven.

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