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DavidDL 01-10-2020 12:48 AM

'99 626 Suspension Questions
I've got a '99 626, 6 cylinder. I got it a year ago with about 38,515 miles on it. Yes, that's right, 20 years old with under 40k original miles (<2k/yr). I can verify that because it was Dad's, & he got it new.

The worst minor issue is the AC needing repair. Mechanically it is sound & runs great. Aesthetically it's about 90%. But, being 20 years old, despite the low mileage, the suspension is very rough. The car bounces hard. I would like to replace the shocks (struts) & springs. I would also like to upgrade the sway bars & get new bushings. I've also heard about a frame cross-member that strengthens the body and minimizes stress. I'm wanting to have something of a performance upgrade for cornering (not drifting). I'm pretty good with my wrenches & wirings & just about any tool I can get my hands on. So, I'd like to ask the following ...

1) What are some sources of matched shocks/struts & springs? What are some considerations when replacing them (I'm interested in having a better feel of the road, not for comfort driving. This will be my Daily Driver around town.

2) I have done some searching for sway bars (or "anti-sway" bars), but cannot find anything other than direct replacement, which would not be any advantage for the money. But, I've also know I need to replace the bushings & would like any input on what's available & what might be better than "stock" or OEM.

3) The cross-member support. I've had someone tell me about it, but I really could not find much info available. Any input here would also be much appreciated.

4) Is there anything else I need to address regarding suspension?

5) I know I will ultimately replace the wheels & tires, getting something much more sticky. I know the outside diameter of the tire will remain the same as stock, since that's the speedometer calculation, so I don't expect I'll be lowering the suspension, tho I would LIKE to lower it a bit, if there's any available space within the wheel wells without compromising rubber against the sheet metal during full wheel-lock turns. Any thoughts on this will also be greatly appreciated.

I've got a pickup, suv, & motorcycle, and I want to be driving the 626 as often as possible.

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