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In light of recent events I've decided to post my thoughts on some actions that could make MazdaWorld better:

1) Beneath everyone's avatar, have the model, year, engine, and transmission type listed so that anyone trying to help has more information that they need to give advice. I've seen a lot of times posts that say nothing but: what year? what engine? is it a MTX or ATX?

2) I have two problems with the post count: firstly, someone with a very high post count may be confused by noobs to have a very high level of experience with cars, this we all know is not necessarily true. Secondly, it's the source of many problems with this site, which has very recently been proven. I don't think the post count should be eliminated altogether, it has become a very integral part of MW, I do hawever think that it should only be visible in members profiles rather than by every post.

3) Someone should be given Editor status and use that to go through old threads and delete the crap that's in them. I don't mean do them all in one sitting, but over time clean out threads that had potential to be very useful, but alas ended poorly.

That's all I can think of for now, if anyone has something to add, by all means post some more suggestions.
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