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Originally posted by skiusa2004@Aug 5 2004, 05:44 PM
this thread started with the best of intentions, but as has been proven time and time again...........


#1, I agree with shadow...simply suggest member include that information in their sig.

#2, I agree with shadow...whores will ***** and talk about post count regardless of how easy it is to view....though, they would probably reference member ID number as a form of noob status if post count were not available.

#3, thats what mods are for. Now, there are so many threads here that it would be simply impossible to do what you've listed. On a side note, the same topics always resurface because a new member will ask a question that recieved many responses last time. This means, the answer to someones question is proabably only a few pages back.

It may seem easy to seperate the BS from the good stuff, but trust me its hard, especially when you sign on the next day and the thread you previously had worked on is all polluted again.
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