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Originally posted by DJ Hellfire@Oct 14 2004, 09:11 PM
This is what I posted in the feedback thread:

It's ok!* It looks a bit more old schoolish compared to the old style!* I think the pink area should be blue or gray!* The personal message system is a bit confusing at first cuz I wasn't sure if I was replying to my PM or to the thread that I hit "add reply" in.* But it's way better than this crap I'll tell ya that!

Also, in threads with a **** load of pages, it's kinda hard to tell what page you're on.* And when you wanna edit or quote something, it seems like the edit/quote/ reply buttons are at the top of the post instead of the bottom.* All the buttons on the page look cheap and not like buttons (like submit, preview, bold, img, blaha blah blah).* They should have more of a 3D look so that they stand out more kinda how the edit/quote/reply type of buttons look.* My bad for being so critical!

Other than that, it looks great.* Especially the MAZDA logo/banner at the top of the page.
Those buttons will be changing... there is going to be a WYSISYG editor for those screens instead... so it will look like MS Word or something like that
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