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Originally posted by Duncan@Mar 5 2005, 06:38 PM
If it breaks, your engine won't be damaged - the Miata engine is what's known as a non-interference design. This means that if the timing goes out of whack for any reason (like, say, a broken timing belt), the valves will not hit the pistons or cause anything else in the engine to break.

So that much is true. nearly 100k, you're basically asking for the timing belt to break exactly when you don't want it to. And that's usually when you're out in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, it will be a little pricey. But you can do much, much better than the 500 bones your dealer wants - find a good shop that specializes in imports and get their quote. I'm betting it'll be closer to $200-300. And really, that's cheap peace of mind.

Let us know what you decide. Oh, and welcome to the forums!
Thank you so very much for your reply! I was really worried that it was going to cause major damage. Unfortunately, I am single and trying to put a 19 and 16 year old through college and money is extremely tight right now and I haven't been able to find anyone as of yet but am looking. Yes, at this mileage, I know I am asking for trouble and it is only through God's grace that it hasn't broken yet. That is why I was asking the general range in which people have had them break. I am trying to sell it now so I can get the money needed to pay for college for the two boys, but love the car and other than that have had no problems with it and would love to one day own another one. They are definitely my favorite...handle great, look great...gas mileage is great...what more could one ask! Thank you ever so much for your help on this! God bless!
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