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Ok my mazda mx3 has been running for a long time, and it has ran great, allways started at first turn of key...
The other day i moved it up my drive way. had it sitting running for about 10 minutes then it just died. at first i suspected out of gas, it was really low so i got a gas can and put 6 gallons in it. i go to start it, it turns over and over but dont start, we check spark and it has no spark. Now i allready tested my ingnition coil, the primary was in the limits for ohms, the second dary was not, supposed to be 11-18 it was 8000, now i know i need to replace that i was going to do cap and rotor at same time, but i just dont feel that is all of it, i turn it over and my spark plugs are wet, but when i checked fuel presure i dont think the pump primed it self at all, i basicly need to know how the ingnition on one of those works, the distributor has voltage, but i need to know about all the relays for it, and further test i can do before going and droping 81 bucks, cause if i need a whole new distributor, it would be a waste of money and time to get a coil.
Is there something simple electrical wise im over looking?
and yes it turns over just dont fire, and the rator turns to so i dont got a broken timing belt, i am due to replace it though, i want to know if this could be some simple electrical **** up ty.
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