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The first one is you linkage line for your throttle, and the second, well I have no idea. Sorry
Yeah, I'm not pointing at the throttle linkage. Look where the arrow stops. I am pointing at the Black and Copper item that is connected to the fuel injection system. The second picture I am pointing at the connector that goes into that same item. Thanks for the effort though.

"Head gasket is blown" read below:

If the head is warped or cracked, is that enough to make the car not run at all? Remember that the engine cranks and turns over great with no extrainious noise. Basically is sounds and acts like it should start up any second, it just doesn't. I beleive that the head gasket is blown. I was instructed to check the condition of the radiator fluid as a hint to that end. The car has been sitting for a while but I was not entirely prepared for what I found. The "fluid" has been changed to a light colored oily mud. If I spend the money to buy all the new gaskets needed, is it a good bet that the car will then run? Or is it possible that it is also warped or cracked and just replacing gaskets will not fix it? How do I know how bad it is? Will I have to replace the radiator or can I somehow flush the sludge out of it and return it to good working condition? Sorry for all the questions.
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