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Complete Guide to changing all coolant hoses on 2.3 with pictures

I changed each and every single coolant hose on the 2.3. So I put together this guide.

Parts List:

Required parts:
Lower Radiator Hose: KJ01-15-185 (also available aftermarket as "cut to fit")
Upper Radiator Hose: KJ01-15-186 (also available aftermarket as "exact fit")
By Pass Hose: KJ01-15-261 (also available aftermarket as "cut to fit")
Sub Tank Hose (to Thermostat): KJ02-15-381A
Sub Tank Hose (to Radiator): KL47-15-383A
Oil Cooler Hose (in): KL47-15-536A
Oil Cooler Hose (out): KJ01-15-546
Thottle Body Hose: KJ01-13-682A
IAC to Thottle Body Hose: KJ01-13-681
EGR Hose: KJ01-13-691
EGR Hose: KJ01-13-692
EGR Hose: KJ01-13-693
Heater Hose and Connector: TA16-61-24XA (also available aftermarket as "exact fit")
Heater Hose and Connector: TA16-61-24YB (also vailable aftermarket as "exact fit")

Optional parts:
IAC Air Hose: KJ01-13-766 (Note: this is not a coolant hose, it is an air hose that I replace because mine was trashed)
Throttle Body Gasket: KJ01-13-655 (Optional if you are removing throttle body)
Thermostat: KL-15-171A (also avaliable aftermarket - buy one as "exact fit" with gasket and giggle pin)

Optional materials and supplies:

Spray can of Copper Gasket Maker spray, in case you have decades old metal gaskets and you want to freshen them up.
Assorted pack of colored electrical tape or colored zip ties for marking purposes.
One gallon of antifreeze and one gallon of distilled water, or two gallons of pre-mix. Might as well fill it up with new antifreeze while you are at this.

Special Tools list:
Most tools are just standard stuff. The usual 10 mm and 12 mm socket and extensions. Pliers and needle nose pliers. The only thing special is you need a couple long pairs of needle nose pliers. I used a pair of 12 inch needle noses and 18 inch needle noses. You won't be able to get a few of the hoses with standard needle noses, so you need a couple of long pairs. You also need a 25 mm open end wrench to remove the big nut on the EGR.

Total Time from start to finish: 10 hours. I did this all in a single day, but it took the entire day with two short breaks and a short lunch break. But pretty much 10 hours non-stop labor. Nothing to terribly complicated. Just a lot of stuff to remove and reassemble. The kind of thing that it is an hour of labor to get to the point to do a 5 minute hose change.

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