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Snoke on start up

My car is a 2002 Millenia with 135K on the odometer and has been pretty good considering being a SC miller cycle engine, my second of these cars.

This like bringing back a issue from the dead. I just did plugs and replaced a bad coil, so some of the engine was removed to work on, of course. I also changed my oil to a different brand than what I was using, and I am seeing more smoke on start up in the mornings.

But the question is,"If the oil is a bit over full would it make the engine smoke more than what it did before? The oil looked like it could use a qt. of oil, so I added a qt, and it filled over the full mark by about a quarter of a qt. (8oz)

I started the car after it had been sitting for a few hours and it smoked up the hole neighbor hood, and when being driven smoke pretty heavy from a few intersections, then seamed to clear up, for the next few miles.
The oil I was using was the Mobile 1 75,000 5/30 wt oil, and it looked like the only oil wally world was going to sell was full synthetic, not ready to change to it yet , so changed to Valvoline blend, 5/30, and hence the oil smoke more of.

So I'd appreciate anyone's in put on this problem.
sorry for the long windiness.

nothing new just stock
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