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robhast 10-09-2003 09:23 PM

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are shopping for either a 2003 or 2004 car. He is in sales and needs more than a compact, but not an SUV, at least a V6 and reasonable on gas mileage.

Have been researching cars at which gives you quite a bit of information, plus reviews, rebates, trade-in values, etc.

So we are open to suggestions on what are good reliable road cars not unreasonably priced ($25K or less). We like the looks of the mazdas, but not sure how mechanically reliable they are.


Shayaan 10-09-2003 10:31 PM

Hi Roberta,

Glad you found our site. To be honest, the only car that fits your bill is the Mazda6, V6. If you read around other resources like Consumer Reports, Edmunds, or Car and Driver, you'll find the Mazda6's reliability runs right up there with Honda and Toyota. You should be able to get this under $25k though since I haven't been pricing them out myself, I'd rather somebody else answer that part for you.

Also a consideration, is the Honda Accord. I personally think it's a great car and gives good gas mileage and is very reliable. However, if you do want that 'sporty' feel the Mazda6 is a better fit, but if gas mileage is more a concern then the Honda Accord is a great car as well.

Obviously on a Mazda site you're going to get the opinion the Mazda6 is the only way to go, but keep in mind what you're buying the car for. The Mazda6 (having driven both it and the Accord) is a fun car to drive for its size and price, and also has the added bonus that it's not a dime a dozen on the road like the Accord.

So if you want to have a little more fun, look and feel a bit more sporty, the Mazda6 V6 is the car to get.

I'm sure you'll get more replies on this, so keep tuned to the site to get the info you need.

Cheers and good luck!

extermin8r 10-10-2003 03:31 AM

Yes, Shayaan is right. The Mazda6 (even the I model) is a sporty sedan that will suit your needs just fine. I'm actually looking into them pretty thoroughly, it is essentially Mazda's pseudo-replacement for my wonderful Millenia (and the 626.) The 6I could be had for well under 25k with options, the more powerful S model could be had for under 25k but will be a bit higher with options. Apparently the handling is exceptional, just like many Mazda's. The Nissan Altima is another good one. However, the 3.5 SE model can get close to 30k with options. Good luck and dont hesitate to ask more questions.

gruss 10-10-2003 10:19 AM

The 6 is a great car and can definately be had with the v6 for well under 25k (sticker on mine, you can negotiate bleow sticker price, was 23k and change w/ leather sunroof, v6, etc)...sounds like this car might be on teh highway alot, definately look into a non-sport package model b4 writing it off as to firm a ride, the 16" wheels ride alot better than the "spoortier" 17"rs on the highway, and from reports do much better in snow, rain etc.
I've seen as high as 27-28 on the highway, and get around 19-21 putting around town.
Its not the only mid-size sedan that will fit your needs, but its definately worth a look! Happy hunting

dardik4 11-04-2003 03:40 PM

hi. i am a new here.
i own a new mazda 3 sedan. amazing car.
where can i find the :length/width/height of this car?
brother-in-law has toyota corolla, and i want to persuade him that mazda 3 is much big.

excluesiveonez 11-05-2003 06:38 PM

where are u from that u alreayd have one?

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